Other Ceremonies and Rites of Passage

Memorials and funerals create space to begin this grieving and healing process, offering a place for individuals and familes to voice their sorrows and their share their sadness with others. It is also a space to celebrate the life and honour the spirit of the deceased. Our promise is to support you in paying tribute to a loved one. We will create a meaninful and memoriable ceremony that will honour and celebrate your loved one. We will incorporate personalized touches, music and stories of the a life well lived. Expressing feelings and sharing stories is an important part of grieving and healing after loss. As we explore the pain of our loved one's death, we experience gratitude for having had them in our life. Whether you are planning a funeral, burial, ash scattering, memorial, celebration of life or other event, I will be there to guide you.


Baby Blessing Ceremonies

The wish to celebrate, honor and bless your children is a long-standing tradition that has existed throughout cultures and ages. Many families who don't identify with a particular faith or belong to a faith community will find a Child Blessing ceremony to be a uniqure and beautiful ceremony that welcomes the child into the family. Sometimes the journey to your baby is long and winding, through struggles with fertility or difficult preganancies, navigating foster care or adoption, or welcomeing a child after a loss. Other times, children arrive almost effortlessly. In all cases, child blessing ceremonies are a beautiful ritual to recognize the important mildstone of a new child into your lives.