How to get a marriage licence

You may be able to purchase a marriage licence from your local or surrounding municipality. Please check the municipality’s website to see if they provide this service.

To get a marriage licence, you will need to:

Find a local city hall, town hall or municipal office

Download the Marriage Licence Application form

If you are planning to remarry

If you are planning on remarrying in Ontario, there are a few additional documents you must provide in addition to the ones listed above.

If you were divorced in Canada

If you were divorced outside of Canada

If you were divorced outside of Canada, you will need to provide certain documents to prove that you are no longer married. The government needs to validate these documents. This process can take up to 4 weeks.

You will need to send the following documents to ServiceOntario:

How to get a marriage certificate after marriage

A marriage certificate is a legal record of a marriage. It lists the date and place of the marriage, and names of the people who were married.

You may need this document to:

You can order a marriage certificate about 9 weeks after the ceremony.

Order a marriage certificate